President's Message

"Only what you have accepted with your soul,only that is what you learn and what you embody in your life and character."

J. Dewey

Over the last few years, experiential learning lies at the center of interest and research. The creative way of teaching by implementing innovative ideas, enriches and strengthens the educational task and opens the door to a school that seeks continuous improvement, change and the ability to adapt to new circumstances.

The basic idea of this particular Experiential Conference on applied teaching moves away from the philosophy of traditional presentation of teaching suggestions, approaching and giving prominence to presentations with experiential nature, applicable to groups of delegates / teachers in the form of mikroteaching.

In this context two elements are dominated: the implementation of teaching and discussion on this implementation. The interaction and collective self-reflection that complements every announcement aims at identifying, analyzing and solving authentic problems, understanding and awareness, but also to transform wrong assumptions about teaching practice.

If we accept the declaration of Dewey that every genuine form of education is born from experience, to experience and through experience, then this Conference aspires to promote a lively way to connect knowledge with experience, to mobilize thoughts and feelings and encourage creative expression.

Good Luck!

Dr. Spiros Kioulanis